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Platinum is a valuable white metal. Platinum has an atomic number of 78 and a chemical symbol of PT. Platinum’s name is derived from a Spanish word platina which means little silver. Platinum is a malleable, ductile, gray white precious metal. It has 6 natural occurring isotopes. Platinum is one of the earth’s rarest elements in its crust.

Platinum is the most ductile metal of the metal family i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper. Platinum like Gold doesn’t oxidize but will and can corrode with sulfur, cyanides, halogen. Pure Platinum is a good deal harder then pure Iron. Platinum is a great metal for use in jewelry due to its inability to tarnish and durability. Platinum can be mixed with Gold to make a beautiful wedding band or a chain with Gold and Platinum links.

Platinum is a beautiful color but does and will get small scratches which are semi difficult to remove unlike Gold which is fairly easy to remove scratches out of. Platinum isn’t a jewelers favorite metal to fix due to its hardness. Once you bend Platinum a few times its hard to retain its original shape. Jewelers have trouble sometimes with Platinum and setting stones if the Platinum has been bent a lot. I enjoy Platinum because I know it’s a strong metal and can definitely with stand my daily activities.

I have never had any complaints about my Platinum jewelry because it has never let me down. The only down side to buying a Platinum band is if the ring doesn’t fit and must be sized you need to look for a good jeweler who a long experience with sizing Platinum cause it can be tricky and the end result may not be as good as you expect with a less then seasoned expert. Platinum is a costly and rare metal but still is widely used in a vehicle catalytic converter to help with vehicle emissions.

Of the 245 tons of Platinum mined in 2010 113 tons where used in vehicle emission control devices. Platinum is used in many other things from oxygen sensors and engine parts. Platinum is mostly mined in South Africa and is much rarer to find then Gold and Silver. Platinum is often mistaken for Silver because of its similar color. Platinum, like Gold and Silver, can be formed into ingots and coins which are traded and collected on the precious metal market.



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Grateful for the Nevada Coin and Jewelry shop, I just adore it. I took some collectable figurines in and they bought them. I came out smelling like a rose. You should’ve been there to see the big smile on my face. I ran all the way home to look for some more. Can’t wait to get back! I can sure use the money!


Wonderful experience, Nick and Laura made it seamless and stress free. Thank you! They also sell super cool items!!

I recently got divorced so I wanted to get rid of some of the jewelry my ex-husband got me. I found Nevada Coin and jewelry searching the web. When I called the guy that answered the phone was friendly and willing to quote me a price per gram. I went to their store on Flamingo, Avery whom I spoke to on the phone tested my items using some kind of x-ray machine. I could see that some of my jewelry was not the karat I thought (some lower some higher). He paid what he quoted on the phone no bait and switch. It took less than 15 minutes got my cash and got rid of some bad memories. I would recommend this company if you are looking to sell jewelry.

Virginia F.

A.J. and Robert are so friendly and make it so you have the best deal with the items you bring them. They have so much knowledge about all the items they have in their shop and they like to teach others about what they know…


Always a good experience here! Definitely the place in town I enjoy buying coins from, and I’d recommend them to anybody. Helpful staff, reasonable prices, and wide selection.

Daniel B.

Really cool cats over at Nevada Coin and Jewelry. You would’ve thought that I was “Madonna” the way those guys treated me. I was so mesmerized by all of the antiques, they have in there, I believe I was there for two hours, just looking, unbelieveable! When I went in I was so hot, they offered me a cold bottle of water, how cool is that? It felt like home to me. I wanted to get a price for some old jewelry that was passed down by grandma, I was well satisfied. When I left the shop, I was singing “Money, Money, Money.


I am a brazilian and had the chance to deal with Nevada Coin. I was there to sell some gold coins and they paid me the best price I could fetch in Las Vegas. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. Before visiting their premises I got a tentative appraisal by phone which I found reasonable. In the shop the attendant offered to approach the manager to get me a (gasp) BETTER price. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother talking to their rude and unprofessional competitors. They will treat you like a moron and quote prices accordingly. For Nevada Coin, five Stars all the way.


The staff are quick at work but not too quick to make you feel pressured into buying items or selling your items. They teach you about the items and tell you if they have use for your items or not. If they don’t have use for your items they call other places to see if they have a use for the items. Great staff!


A great selection of coins and other numismatic related material. Very professional.

As a first timer in selling, I was a bit apprehensive. I did not know what to expect and was a little worried about a previous reviewers comments. Yes the office was stark and clinical. The staff however, more than made up for any downfall in the decor. Very helpful, polite and understanding to any ‘silly’ questions that were asked. All in all a pleasant experience, and one that should the opportunity arise I would go through again!

Marie G.

While vacationing in Las Vegas I did what a lot of people do I’m sure or at least that’s what I’m telling my wife ..I blew through the money I brought a little quicker than expected and I ended up having to shop my Rolex around to several dealers to save the trip. So I looked online for places, most offers over the phone were low and that’s if they would even quote me in the first place. I spoke to a guy at Nevada Coin and Jewelry who gave me a fair ball park price and a reasonable explanation as to why his number couldn’t be solid. Went down expecting to get the lower number and in fact Robert their Rolex expert said my Rolex was a better model then I had described. He paid me a higher number than he quoted. Thanks for saving my vacation guys.

Weldon O.

What inspired me to go to NV Coin and Jewelry was I was an ad on the TV for the shop. I was not too sure about going to NV Coin and Jewelry to sell my jewelry because I have been to many other pawn shops but haven’t found a good deal for my jewelry. After I went to Nevada Coin and Jewelry it was a big relief for me selling my jewelry for a good price.