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Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Value

As the backbone of many coin collections, Morgan silver dollars have been coveted by collectors large and small for many decades. However, they really didn’t start out that way. In fact most coin collectors of the 19th century didn’t favor the Morgan dollar too much, known then by its nickname: the cartwheel, due to a lack of aesthetic appreciation for the coins. It seems that coin collectors of these earlier generations preferred the design of the earlier Seated Liberty dollars. After a turbulent ride through many decades, the Morgan dollars are truly recognized by collectors worldwide for their beauty and simplicity in design, as well as being distinctly American in look and feel. And, thanks in large part to the treasury release in the early 1960’s of millions of uncirculated specimens (kept in bags for decades in mint basements), these coins can be very affordable to acquire. In fact, they are so much in abundance that a vast percentage of the coins are traded by just the silver content they possess, which is slightly over three quarters of an ounce.

Aside from the standard, or what coin industry experts call “generic” silver dollars, usually made by the millions, there are a small percentage of these coins that are extremely rare and have considerable value. Though not very common, just one of these “key date” Morgan silver dollar coins can easily eclipse the entire value of the rest of any common collection containing these types of coins. Many times in the scope of collecting Morgan silver dollars people can easily misunderstand age as an indicator for rarity or value. One must be careful not to confuse these elements when estimating Morgan silver dollar coin values or, more importantly, when deciding to sell these coins on the open market.Condition can also be a major contributor when determining the value of these coins. Unless a coin is in a shape considered by coin professionals to be brilliant uncirculated, and even on many generic years in this series, generally these coins will fluctuate in value based on the spot price of silver during any given day.

The most effective way of determining Morgan silver dollar coin values is to bring them into any one of the highly professional coin experts at Nevada Coin & Jewelry, where we can put a trained eye to the coins.By going through each coin with painstaking detail, Nevada Coin & Jewelry’s very professional and highly respected staff can give accurate and informative appraisals in a timely fashion. We can also provide cash offers that are more than competitive based on the market strength of each coin.



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What friendly staff. They help you sell your items even if they don’t have a use for it by calling other shops around the area to see if they could use it… They want you to have the best out come from selling your items. I was so happy I decided to go to them!


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Freddie I.

My Aunt recently passed and she lived in the outskirts of Las Vegas. While my sister and I went through her estate we found a number of items that neither of us considered keeping, but our aunt was clear in her will that she wanted us to use her things to make a profit and in turn use that money to help our futures. We shopped around, especially not being from the area, and got a lot of negative experiences just on the phone. People were rude, uninformative, and really just gave us a feeling they wanted to rip us off. It made us think of those dirty pawn shops you “hear about”. Finally I called Nevada Coin and Jewelry and the whole day shifted! We described a few pieces of jewelry and they helped us figure out initially a general value based on the metal. Of course, they did explain the importance of actually coming in and examining the pieces individually. That level of service over the phone got us through the door. When we went to the spot we were greeted with the same level courtesy, but the professionalism when going over each item and it’s value was through the roof! They took the time to explain why each item was worth what amount and even gave us a little bit of history on the styles. At the end of the day, my sister and I walked away with a sizable amount of money to put towards my son’s college fund and my sister’s vet school. Thanks, Nevada Coin and Jewelry!

Ashleigh L.

While vacationing in Las Vegas I did what a lot of people do I’m sure or at least that’s what I’m telling my wife ..I blew through the money I brought a little quicker than expected and I ended up having to shop my Rolex around to several dealers to save the trip. So I looked online for places, most offers over the phone were low and that’s if they would even quote me in the first place. I spoke to a guy at Nevada Coin and Jewelry who gave me a fair ball park price and a reasonable explanation as to why his number couldn’t be solid. Went down expecting to get the lower number and in fact Robert their Rolex expert said my Rolex was a better model then I had described. He paid me a higher number than he quoted. Thanks for saving my vacation guys.

Weldon O.

After visiting a couple of the “traveling gold & silver merchants” who came to Mesquite, I made a call to Nevada Coin & Jewelry in Las Vegas… David was very helpful and professional. Their prices were the best I had seen… I left very satisfied with my trip and the deals we made. I will definitely go there again.

Carol R.

A great selection of coins and other numismatic related material. Very professional.

This dealer was beyond excellent in all respects! No low-ball games, no fooling around. These people are honest, and the transaction was handled smoothly with complete transparency. I will definitely recommend Nevada Coin & Jewelry to everybody I know!

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