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Rare Gold Coin

What constitutes a rare gold coin? Well, most coins that have been minted in the precious metal of gold will not qualify as a rare gold coin. A rare gold coin must meet criteria that far exceeds just the fact that it is minted as a gold coin. A rare gold coin must not only first be gold, which will always make it more valuable than most other coins, but it must also be of a significantly lower mintage, must be in a very nice shape (usually in almost uncirculated or higher) and must have a collector demand that exceeds it’s value in just gold.

There are many varieties of what would qualify as a rare gold coin. For example, although most of the modern gold releases from the United States mints will trade for right around their weight in gold, there are a few of the modern commemoratives that will trade for significantly higher based on the standards of rarity laid out earlier, among many other factors. One of these is a rare gold coin known as the five Dollar 1997 uncirculated Jackie Robinson commemorative coin. This rare gold coin could trade for as much as five times its weight in gold or more. This alone would qualify it as being a rare gold coin. But it also meets the other criteria needed to make it a rare gold coin.

It has an unusually low mintage and in order to get the most value for this rare gold coin, it must still be in a mint state. Gold coins were once minted for circulation as legal tender in both the United States and abroad. These gold coins would pass from hand to hand, in payment for goods and services rendered, much like our paper money does today. Many of these gold coins would wear down and get scratched up, leaving those set aside for collectors to possibly garner a rare gold coin status. Of these pre-1933 circulated gold coins, many have jumped into the rare gold coin status as they are becoming more and more difficult to find. Although a major percentage of these gold coins would not qualify as a rare gold coin, those that do can command quite a premium.

If you have a gold coin and would like an evaluation to determine if it qualifies as a rare gold coin, or if your already know you have a rare gold coin and would like a determination of its worth or are ready to sell, just come in to Nevada Coin & Jewelry and have any one of our coin experts take a look at it. If it indeed is a rare gold coin we will walk you though the steps of grading and determining a final value for it. For any gold coins, be it a rare gold coin or a gold coin just worth its weight in gold, we will make you a top dollar cash offer.



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As a first timer in selling, I was a bit apprehensive. I did not know what to expect and was a little worried about a previous reviewers comments. Yes the office was stark and clinical. The staff however, more than made up for any downfall in the decor. Very helpful, polite and understanding to any ‘silly’ questions that were asked. All in all a pleasant experience, and one that should the opportunity arise I would go through again!

Marie G.

My friend and I came here to sell some coins and jewelry. We first saw Scott about some coins. He was very friendly and knew his stuff. Afterwards, he brought us over to Sheila who looked at our jewelry. She was also very nice and professional. We will definitely come back here again. GREAT PLACE!!!!

Susanne T.

My Aunt recently passed and she lived in the outskirts of Las Vegas. While my sister and I went through her estate we found a number of items that neither of us considered keeping, but our aunt was clear in her will that she wanted us to use her things to make a profit and in turn use that money to help our futures. We shopped around, especially not being from the area, and got a lot of negative experiences just on the phone. People were rude, uninformative, and really just gave us a feeling they wanted to rip us off. It made us think of those dirty pawn shops you “hear about”. Finally I called Nevada Coin and Jewelry and the whole day shifted! We described a few pieces of jewelry and they helped us figure out initially a general value based on the metal. Of course, they did explain the importance of actually coming in and examining the pieces individually. That level of service over the phone got us through the door. When we went to the spot we were greeted with the same level courtesy, but the professionalism when going over each item and it’s value was through the roof! They took the time to explain why each item was worth what amount and even gave us a little bit of history on the styles. At the end of the day, my sister and I walked away with a sizable amount of money to put towards my son’s college fund and my sister’s vet school. Thanks, Nevada Coin and Jewelry!

Ashleigh L.

This place is definitely recommended!!! A.J. and David are amazing…very helpful and nice people at that! I would totally consider going to this place.

Bree D.

My wife cashed in some coins and we got top dollar. We have sold to others before but no more, we found a real professional store in Nevada Coin & Jewelry. “Thank You”


The staff are quick at work but not too quick to make you feel pressured into buying items or selling your items. They teach you about the items and tell you if they have use for your items or not. If they don’t have use for your items they call other places to see if they have a use for the items. Great staff!


Nevada Coin and Jewelry – has excellent customer service – providing las Vegas with top notch service and expertise – this is my primary coin dealers — others just can’t keep up – they are helpful and friendly – in my opinion they are the best in the south west area — so that’s my review a++++ rating – because I am a good customer – this is the best place to buy and sell gold and silver bullion.

Freddie I.

A great selection of coins and other numismatic related material. Very professional.

Really cool cats over at Nevada Coin and Jewelry. You would’ve thought that I was “Madonna” the way those guys treated me. I was so mesmerized by all of the antiques, they have in there, I believe I was there for two hours, just looking, unbelieveable! When I went in I was so hot, they offered me a cold bottle of water, how cool is that? It felt like home to me. I wanted to get a price for some old jewelry that was passed down by grandma, I was well satisfied. When I left the shop, I was singing “Money, Money, Money.


Great family run store. I’m well taken care of every time I show up at this location. Thank you Nick.

I am a brazilian and had the chance to deal with Nevada Coin. I was there to sell some gold coins and they paid me the best price I could fetch in Las Vegas. They are professional, courteous and trustworthy. Before visiting their premises I got a tentative appraisal by phone which I found reasonable. In the shop the attendant offered to approach the manager to get me a (gasp) BETTER price. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother talking to their rude and unprofessional competitors. They will treat you like a moron and quote prices accordingly. For Nevada Coin, five Stars all the way.


I brought them some gold pendants, rings and a few other pieces. I knew they weren’t worth that much but I needed the cash. The guys (and there are a lot of them) were really nice and not the least bit condescending. They know when you come in to sell there is a reason but they don’t make you feel bad or inadequate. The store is filled with interesting objects for sale and for show. A very nice and very fair place to buy and sell. I highly recommend them.

Linda P.